Abraham Whipple Award Recipients

The Abraham Whipple Award is an esteemed distinction given by each President to members that have dedicated much of their time and service to the Gaspee Days Committee and all of its efforts. Each recipient of this award has exemplified the true traits of a community leader as well as played a pivotal role in keeping the Gaspee Days fire burning year after year.

Erin Flynn

201 | Presented by Gina Dooley


Roger Farren

2019 | Presented by Ryan Giviens


Ann-Marie Richards

2018 | Presented by Ryan Giviens


Patti Concannon

2017 | Presented by Jerry Peshka


Chuck Easterbrooks

2016 | Presented by Jerry Peshka


Scott Avedisian

2015 | Presented by Erin Flynn


Carol Deming

2014 | Presented by Erin Flynn


Karleen Wrath

2013 | Presented by Carol Deming


Tina S. Bingham

2009 | Presented by John Concannon


John & Mary Concannon

2005 | Presented by Liz Fournier


Jeanine Thompson

2002 | Presented by Daniel Rooney


Mark Russell


Donald & Pat McLeod

1994 | Presented by Scott Avedisian


Milton Wrath

Hazel Kennedy

Nick & Virginia Agresti