Upcoming Events

Oct 3 7:30 pm Committee Meeting
Oct 12 12:00 pm Gaspee Days Fall-Out
Oct 26 1:15 pm Halloween Happenings
Oct 27 3:00 pm Tricks & Treats
Oct 31 7:00 pm Executive Board Meeting
Nov 2 8:30 am Pawtuxet Park Cleanup
Nov 7 7:30 pm Committee Meeting
Nov 21 7:00 pm Executive Board Meeting


The Gaspee Days Committee

Come join us! We're a friendly group of all volunteers dedicated to promoting and educating the public on Rhode Island's history and we're doing it in a fun way! Every year, we produce a series of free family-friendly events culminating with the Annual Gaspee Days Parade. For over 50 years now, the celebration has continued to grow only more exciting as we present new ideas and events to our community. If you're interested in seeing what Gaspee Days is all about, feel free to drop by one of our meetings... see you there!