Gaspee Days Parade Rules & Regulations

General Rules

The Gaspee Days Committee is licensed by both the Cities of Warwick and Cranston to conduct the annual Gaspee Days Parade under its supervision. Upon discovery of any rule violations, the appropriate police department will be contacted to rectify the situation. The following Gaspee Days Parade Participant Rules apply to all persons or groups (including politicians). These rules are general and are subject to revision by the Gaspee Days Committee and by the Parade Chairperson prior to the event.

  1. Participation of any person or group in the parade is at the sole discretion of the Gaspee Days Committee, which reserves the right to exclude any such person or group. 
  2. Only those individuals and groups that have been invited and/or accepted by the Gaspee Days Committee will be allowed to march in the parade. All participants must initial and sign the attached Contract Agreement.
  3. Only individuals who hold elective office in federal, state, and/or local government and have received a written invitation from the Gaspee Days Committee may march in the parade. Officials holding such position are also not permitted to advertise a candidacy.
  4. Acceptance into the parade will be based on theme, logistics, spacing, and other needs of the Gaspee Days Committee.
  5. The position in the parade line of march of each and every participant will be at the sole discretion of the Gaspee Days Committee.
  6. All float applicants must submit the theme of their float as part of their application.
  7. No one may use a public-address system, loudspeaker, or bullhorn without specific authorization from the Gaspee Days Committee as this interferes with the parade enjoyment of our audience.
  8. No overtly commercial, sexual, political, or religious themes are allowed in the p Any participant that violates this rule will be removed immediately from the parade. 
  9. No signage may be displayed that is not in accordance with the patriotic theme and celebration of the parade. Sponsors and tow vehicles may display only minimal signs so as not to detract from the aesthetic value of the float or group. 
  10. Support vehicles other than those towing a float are not allowed to be in the parade unless specifically authorized by the Parade Committee.
  11. All floats should measure no higher than 12 feet 6 inches from the ground.
  12. No parade participant may in any way solicit funds or donations from the parade audience.

Safety Regulations

Safety of our parade audience and participants are of our utmost concern. Violations of Parade Rules and Regulations and Safety Rules may result in immediate expulsion from the parade.

  1. Each parade participating group or person must be responsible not only for their own safety, but also for the safety of the public audience around them. Please immediately bring any unsafe or troublesome conditions to the attention of a police officer or Division Coordinator/Gaspee Days Committee Representative.
  2. Vehicle drivers are solely responsible for the safe operation of their vehicle.
  3. No one may carry or wear stiff or firm signs as these both obstruct views and can injure members of the crowded parade audience.
  4. No objects of any kind may be handed, thrown, sprayed or otherwise distributed to spectators (this includes balloons, toys, candy, trinkets, literature, pamphlets, buttons, canned confetti, silly string etc.) from any vehicle or float or by any parade participant.
  5. Parade vehicles and floats may not be approached by persons along the parade route, whether by a spectator or parade participant, and whether or not the vehicle or float has stopped. The vehicle or float may not be used as a base of operations for groups or persons accompanying such vehicle or float.
  6. No dangerous acrobatic stunts, including but not limited to, gymnastic and cheerleading acrobatics, are allowed.
  7. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by parade participants until after they have finished their parade route. All parade participants are responsible for observing state and municipal laws and regulations pertaining to alcohol possession and consumption.
  8. Military reenactment groups must not fire in the immediate vicinity of horses in the parade. All firearms must be aimed away from people and fired only under the command of a uniformed officer. Musket charges are limited to 100 grains of black powder. Cannons may not be fired along the parade route except by the special contingent stationed at Pawtuxet Bridge.
  9. Parade groups with animals of any kind must provide people to perform immediate "pooper scooper" duties. This is, of course, in fairness to those who march behind you, as well as for the well-being of our parade audience.  If you do not provide this very important duty, we will be unable to allow your animals to participate in the parade.
  10. Due to crowd safety concerns, we do not allow privately-owned horses in our parade. Corporate or municipal horses must be insured.
  11. Participants must obey uniformed police officers and red-shirt Gaspee Coordinators at all times, including respect to spacing.
  12. No one may interfere with the progress of the parade anywhere along the parade route. There should never be more than 100 feet between groups (the distance between two telephone poles). Groups should perform as they are marching. A group may not stop to perform unless the entire parade has stopped ahead.
  13. No scooters, bicycles, Segway, skateboards, wagons, shopping carts, etc. are allowed in or along the parade route unless specifically allowed by the Gaspee Days Committee.