Gaspee Days Parade General Information

The Gaspee Day Committee hosts the Annual Gaspee Days Parade on the second Saturday in June as part of its annual celebration. The purpose of the parade is to commemorate the burning of the HMS Gaspee in 1772, while at the same time, providing entertainment to the public.


The parade is composed of the following groups and individuals, all of who are invited to participate.

I. Elected Officials

A. General Officers of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

1. Governor

2. Lieutenant Governor

3. Secretary of State

4. Attorney General

5. General Treasurer

B. Rhode Island Senators in Congress

C. Rhode Island Representatives in Congress

D. City of Warwick Mayor and City Council

E. City of Cranston Mayor and City Council

F. City of Providence Mayor

G. Warwick State Senators and Representatives

H. Cranston State Senators and Representative

II. Honored Guests (to include but not limited to)

A. Grand Marshal

B. Gaspee Day Committee Charter Members, Past Presidents, President, and Parade Chairman

C. Carrier of the Rhode Island Mace

D. Adjutant General of Rhode Island National Guard & the 88th Army Band

E. Rhode Island State Police, Warwick, Cranston, & Providence Color Guards

III. Colonial Fife & Drum and Militia

IV. Modern Drum & Bugle Corps and Bands

V. Floats and Fillers

The final composition of the parade (participants and line-up) are left up to the discretion of the current parade chairperson. The parade chairperson has the right to refuse anyone for inclusion in the parade.


This is a rain or shine parade. Only in extreme weather circumstances will the parade be cancelled. In the event the parade is cancelled, an announcement will be placed on the Gaspee Phone Line: (401) 781-1772 by 6:00 AM the morning of the parade.  This information may also be found on Facebook, Twitter or Efforts will be made to personally contact each group marching in the parade. Announcements will also be made on local TV channels.


Parking is available at several lots located conveniently near the parade staging area. These lots are located at Pilgrim High School on Pilgrim Parkway and the John Brown Francis Elementary School on Miantonomo Drive. If those lots are full, overflow parking is at Pilgrim Senior Center located on Pilgrim Parkway. Priority parking for cars will be at John Brown Francis School, and for buses at shopping center lot (East of Planet Fitness). Please see the accompanying map for directions and details. Traffic congestion along the parade route will be so intense just before the parade that it becomes impossible to maneuver. Therefore, all parade participants must park near and report to the beginning of the parade route.


The shuttle buses will arrive by 8:45. One bus will go to Trinity Church on Ocean Avenue in Cranston. They will transport people from the Ecumenical Service to Staging area. Two buses will go to Pawtuxet Park to transport encampment people to the staging area.

Due to our Annual Road Race before the parade, all buses will remain at the Pilgrim High School parking lot in Warwick until 10:00 am. To get to Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet parking lot they will have to go down Warwick Ave to Park Ave. Take a right onto Park to Broad Street. Take a right on Broad Street and then a right onto Lockwood Street.

Shuttle buses will park in designated parking area at the Rhodes on the Pawtuxet parking lot.

Buses transporting participants can drop off their group at either the John Brown Francis parking lot or the Pilgrim High School lot. No buses are allowed to drop off at staging area. They must wait in these lots until 10:00 a.m. and follow above directions to Rhodes on the Pawtuxet expect they will be able to turn around in Rhodes parking lot and go back up Lockwood Street, then take a left on Broad and park on either side of the street facing away from parade route. Group members can meet the bus there after parade. Please note that these buses, in order to turn around in Rhodes and get back on street facing out MUST accomplish this by 10:30 am.

Shuttle buses will be available at the parade end to return parade participants back to parking lots near the staging area. Participants will board these shuttle buses (near Rhodes on the Pawtuxet), which will depart when full.

Please noteThere will be no shuttle buses going from Rhodes to staging area prior to the parade. Buses will only be available after parade to return people to staging area. Participants arriving in their own vehicles should park in the John Brown Francis School parking lot.


The parade check-in and staging area is along Narragansett Parkway east of Warwick Avenue, Warwick, RI. You may get information from any Gaspee Days Committee member in a red polo shirt.  Your group is expected to be in place along the parade route at 9:00 A.M. All floats and other vehicles must be in position no later than 9:00 AM. It is likely that units arriving late will not be able to be placed in the parade.

In general, marching groups line up on the South side of Narragansett Parkway (even numbers), while floats and tow vehicles line up on the North side (odd numbers). Support vehicles are not allowed into the parade unless towing a float or cannon, etc. This will be enforced. A line-up is being sent separately to help you find your location on parade day.

The leader of each participating group must check in directly with the assigned Division Coordinator along the parade line-up area. If your group is under contract, get an acknowledgment receipt from your Division Coordinator. You will be receiving a separate email with what division to report to and please bear in mind that this number may change up until parade kickoff.

We strive to give musical groups enough separation to play their music free from interference by other musical groups. We accomplish this by carefully planning each group's position in the parade, and by using various non-musical "filler" groups or floats to provide adequate spacing. The parade is, however, a dynamic event that requires much last-minute adjustment.