Silent Auction Winners

Artist of Pawtuxet                         Steve Miller

Lit Bit of Pampering                      Katelyn Delloiacono

Tastes of Pawtuxet Village           John Sommer

1960’s Phillips 3 Speed Bicycle    Robynne Wildman

A Night Out in Providence           Lori Backman

Cardi’s Furniture                           Sandra Catanzaro

Come Visit Narragansett              Manual Alves

Golfing Package                             Karen Kenney

Huffy 3 Speed Bicycle                   Marcia Gulino

Local Brew and Winery                Margaret Miller

Mackenzie Child’s Teapot            Tracey Miller

Matching Raleigh Sports Bicycle Robynne Wildman

The Gaspee Brew                          Manual Alves

Visit Boston                                    Cynthia Battle

Visit Newport, RI                           Cynthia Battle

Warwick, RI Package                     Sandra Catanzaro

Woosox and Brew Yard                Lori Backman