Arts & Crafts Festival Rules & Regulations

Setup & Breakdown

The festival is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and on Monday from 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM. As a consideration to our neighbors, vendors cannot begin setting up until 7:00 AM when the road is shut down. Exhibits must be completely dismantled and moved off Narragansett Parkway no later than 6:00 PM every day, so as to allow the resumption of normal traffic. There are no exceptions to this shut down time.

Exhibitors must dismantle their booths and place items and supplies on the sidewalk before bringing cars on the parkway. Cars may be brought onto the parkway one half-hour after close of the show.  Please be mindful all crafters are trying to get out at the same time and park vehicles being loaded as close to the curb as possible.  Do not park in the middle of the street and block the road.

Each participant will be assigned a space with 15 feet of frontage with no more than ten (10) feet projecting into the street, at a maximum of three adjoining spaces. The spaces are measured from blue line to blue line and designated by a red or blue numbered flag at the center of each space. Assigned space numbers will be sent after tax numbers and licenses have been verified.

Please be aware that each space accommodates only one 10’ by 10’ tent. This distance will be checked by tape measure during the show and if this distance is not maintained, the exhibit will be moved to the appropriate distance. This is a public safety issue that is non-negotiable. No electricity or water outlets will be available; quiet generators may be used at a vendor’s discretion only with direct permission from the Arts & Crafts Festival Chairperson.

Trash is the responsibility of each participant. A limited number of trash bags will be handed out daily and a dumpster will be located near the Port-a-John’s at the top of the Food Court. Please ensure that the area is clean before leaving each day; residents have complained about trash left behind by vendors. Repeated complaints from residents could result in the cancellation of future Festivals.

Wares & Workmanship

All work must be the original workmanship of the artist or craftsperson. Priority will be given to high-quality and unique handcrafted wares.

The attempted sale of any items not listed on a vendor’s application may result in immediate ejection from the event without refund of any costs or fees and/or barring from future celebrations of the Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts Festival.

Security & Logistics

A security detail will be assigned only to the food court on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6:00 PM – 6:00 AM. While we try hard to maintain a secure environment, the Gaspee Days Committee cannot be held liable for losses or damages due to theft, vandalism, or acts of nature.

Please be advised that Warwick Police regularly ticket vehicles that are illegally parked along the side roads adjoining the festival. A parking map will be made available to all vendors to use to their advantage; parking is limited so we recommend planning accordingly.

Designated handicapped parking and port-a-johns are available to vendors and the public in the vicinity of Narragansett Parkway and Canonchet Avenue to the south of the Arts & Crafts festival.

If there is a weather emergency, Gaspee Days Committee members will attempt to contact all vendors to give a warning. If a vendor must leave due to weather or family emergency, contact a member of the Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts committee and the situation will be addressed on an individual basis.

Payment & Taxation

All applications once submitted and approved are considered guaranteed payment and will not qualify for refund under any circumstances. Checks may be cashed at any point in time after receipt with the application. Funds should be available at all times after submitting an application in the account provided on the check. If for any reason a check should bounce, the applicant must pay any and all fees associated with the bounced check in full. Additional fees may apply.

All participants must fully comply with all applicable taxation, health, permit, and license requirements as set forth by the State of Rhode Island, the City of Warwick and the Gaspee Days Committee.

Rain Dates

There will be no rain dates for the festival and no refunds will be given in the event of inclement weather.

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