Arts & Crafts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applying to Participate

Q. How do I apply and/or submit my application?

A. In order to apply to participate in the Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts Festival, you must complete and submit an application and all of its components. The application can be downloaded under Application Information. The application must be mailed in on paper to be considered valid

Q. Can I apply in any way other than by mail?

A. We currently accept official applications by mail only. We do not accept official applications in any form other than a hard copy with an ink signature and a physical check enclosed. The reasons for this are to verify the application’s authenticity, to ensure that it gets reviewed in a timely fashion according to its postmark, and to file it accordingly.

Q. Do you accept applications via fax or e-mail?

A. Applications cannot be processed in any form other than a hard copy with an ink signature and all required peripheral components including a physical check enclosed. The reasons for this are to verify the application’s authenticity, to ensure that it gets reviewed in a timely fashion according to its postmark, and to file it accordingly. However, under extenuating circumstance, fax and/or e-mail may be used so that we may give an application preliminary review pending the remaining components.

Q. What does “DBA” stand for on the application?

A. DBA is an abbreviation for “Doing Business As” (in reference to the name of your business) and must be written as it appears on all other official business documents. This is important for cross-referencing your trade name with the one on file with both the City of Warwick and the State of Rhode Island.


Q. Do you have a fax number?

A. Yes, the Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts Committee has its own e-fax line with a limited allowance of transmittals each month. For this reason, it is provided only upon request for transfer of official documents.

Q. How soon should I expect a response to my recent e-mail or phone inquiry?

A. Please keep in mind that all of those involved in making this event possible are volunteers and that they have very busy schedules including and outside of the Gaspee Days Committee. All e-mail and phone inquiries are answered as soon as possible in the order in which they are received. If you have been waiting for a response for over a few days, feel free to e-mail or call again.

Government Forms

Q. What is the Temporary Permit to Make Sales at Retail (Rhode Island Form)?

A. This is a form issued by the State of Rhode Island that grants you permission to sell taxable items in this state if you do not already possess an annually renewable RI tax permit and identification number. It costs $10 upfront for the license and must also be returned to our committee on the last day of sales with payment for 7% of your revenue on all taxable items. This is in no way affiliated with the Gaspee Days Committee. Checks for this form must be made payable to Tax Administrator.

Festival Logistics

Q. Is electricity available for vendor use?

A. No, there is no electricity available for vendors to access. If you would like to use something that requires electricity, you most provide your own portable generator after asking permission to bring and use one.

Q. How large are the vendor spaces?

A. Vendor spaces are 150 square feet, the most offered at any art show in Rhode Island – 10’ out into the street and 15’ feet wide along the curb. This means that one space accommodates only one standard 10’ x 10’ tent with a few extra feet off to the side with which to do what you please. Purchasing two spaces provides you with 30’ of curb space, which accommodates three 10’ x 10’ pop up tents. If your setup stretches over your allotted space into the street, you will be forced to move your things. If your display or your wares encrouch upon any other vendor spaces, you will either be forced to move your things or you will be charged more money.

Security Detail

Q. Is security detail assigned to protect the area overnight?

A. Security detail is assigned to guard the food vendor trucks that must be left in our parking lot overnight. However, our security is not required to patrol Narragansett Parkway at all. This means that we cannot be held responsible for anything left on the parkway overnight; it is solely at your discretion and we cannot be held liable.

Q. Can I leave any of my belongings or displays on the street overnight?

A. No, due to traffic laws and fees that we must pay to the City of Warwick and the State of Rhode Island, everything must be removed from the parkway by 6:00 PM every night. Some vendors like to leave their tents up on the sidewalk overnight, which is done solely at their discretion.

Food Vendors

Q. How do I apply to serve food in the Food Court?

A. Food vendor applications are not submitted to or processed by the Arts & Crafts committee; inquiring food vendors should contact for information and/or to apply.

Street Performers

Q. Do you allow street performers? (i.e musicians, ets)

A. Street performers may be allowed on a very limited basis. To apply, contact the Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts Committee to check availability of space; always leave contact information. If space is available, you will be directed to fill out an application with the City of Warwick licensing office at no charge. On approval by the City of Warwick licensing office, the Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts Committee will assign you a space. Remember that space is VERY LIMITED and spaces will be assigned in order of approval of both our committee and the City of Warwick. Not all applications will be approved.


Q. Are there any hotels nearby? What are their rates?

A. The Gaspee Days Arts & Crafts Festival is conveniently located only four (4) miles from T. F. Green Airport in Warwick, RI. This means that there are many hotels in a very close vicinity to the event where you may make reservations to stay. Local hotels vary in pricing and availability so we advise traveling vendors and patrons to research and book their stays earlier than later. There is likely one to suit every budget and/or length of stay.

All other questions should be directed to