Arts & Crafts Festival Application Information

The application window for 2023 has closed and the show is full.

Artisans & Crafters

Applies to all fine artists that handcraft their own original work. Non-handmade wares will not be accepted unless previously grandfathered-in.

Artisan Application

Non-Profit Organizations

Applies to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that benefit local causes. Spaces are limited and are not awarded until the beginning of May.

Non-Profit Application 

Commercial Food Vendors

All commercial food vendors that are interested in serving food in the food court at the Arts & Crafts Festival must contact to inquire about pricing and availability. Space are very limited and often fill up early.

Upon preliminary acceptance, you will receive written notice by mail and your information will be shared with the City of Warwick in order to process a mandatory background check. Should you fail to pass the background check or to qualify for a city permit, your acceptance may be rescinded without refund and you may not be able to participate in the event. You will not receive receipt or notification after we submit this step until final acceptances are sent in mid May. If you hear nothing back, it is most likely that your license application has been approved.

Business owners that do not have a permanent State Sales Permit will receive a four-page carbon copy application for a temporary Permit to Make Sales at Retail in the State of Rhode Island. All highlighted information must be completed and all four pages must be mailed back to the Gaspee Days Committee with remittance of $10 made payable to Tax Administrator in order to show at the Festival.