Aspray Boat House Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Liability Insurance

Why do I need liability insurance?

The City of Warwick, as owner of the building, requires all renters to secure liability insurance. The Gaspee Days Committee requires a Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing the Gaspee Days Committee and the City of Warwick, as well as the date of the event on the document.

How much liability insurance do I need to carry?

The minimum insurance coverage the Gaspee Days Committee requires for events at the Aspray Boathouse is one million dollars ($1,000,000).

Where can I obtain liability insurance?

Event insurance policies are available through most insurance agencies but we recommend The Event Helper based on convenience and cost.

How do I send you my proof of liability insurance?

We must receive your Certificate of Insurance (COI) by E-Mail as soon as possible once your date has been confirmed.

Access, Setup & Logistics

How do I get into the Boat House?

On the morning of your event, you will receive an email with a code to access the lock-box, which is located on the exterior of the Boat House by the side door. Type in the code and pull the cover down to open the box. Take the key from inside and close the lock-box securely. When finished cleaning the Boat House, return your key in the same manner. Please note: A lost key will result in a forfeiture of the janitorial fee.

Can I use the front door by the parking lot?

No; The key you are given opens only the double-door main entrance on the side.

Can I come in the night before to setup?

No; Building security concerns and maintenance-cleaning schedules dictate that we cannot allow access the night before your event.

How big is the event space?

The function space measures approximately 23 feet x 37 feet for an estimated 850 square feet of floor space.

How many people can the space hold?

Per order of the Fire Marshal of the City of Warwick, no more than 56 persons may occupy this space at any time.

What else is provided for use with the rental?

Heat is provided but air conditioning is not available. There are eight (8) eight-foot-long (8’) lightweight, collapsible tables and 60 chairs for use in the meeting area. These must be set up and taken down by the renter. Chairs and tables should not be dragged across the floor. The foyer has two (2) restrooms, one (1) of which is handicap-accessible. There are no shower facilities available. A waterside patio is available for use provided appropriate weather conditions. The committee reserves the right to block off this area for use in the event of erosion, storm surge, etc.

Can I decorate for my event?

Yes, but use caution and common sense. You may not move or remove any of our framed posters and art prints that are hanging on the walls. The use of tape or tacks is prohibited. Any damage to the painted walls from tape, tacks, etc, will result in the forfeiture of your janitorial deposit.

Are there any multimedia services available?

We do not provide any additional multimedia services or equipment. Internet, wired or wireless, is not provided.

What do I have to do after my event?

All balloons and other decorations must be completely removed by the renter. All table and chairs must be returned and stacked neatly in the storage locations against the walls. Chairs and tables should not be dragged across the floor. Sweep floors, turn off lights, and check that all doors and windows are locked and secure before leaving. If using the kitchen: clean, dry, and return all kitchen items in a clean state. Remove all food and trash in or around the Aspray Boat House, taking it home for disposal. Leave the Aspray Boat House in a clean and orderly fashion. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of your janitorial deposit. Return the key to its lock-box.

Other Event Policies

Can I serve liquor to my guests?

The City of Warwick allows consumption of alcoholic beverages within the Aspray Boat House building or grounds as long as it is not sold and is only provided to guests of your event over the age of 21. Liability falls strictly on the renter.

Is smoking, vaping, or use of e-cigarettes allowed?

As a government-owned building, smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited inside of and within 50 feet of the building.

Can I play music at or hire a DJ for my event?

Music is permitted as long as it is maintained at acceptable volumes. Excessively loud music disturbing to neighbors is not permitted at any time.

Can I use rental rides, bounce houses, or swimming pools?

Bounce houses, rides, games pools, and pop-up tents all pose safety liability not covered by insurance and are strictly prohibited. Nothing may be added to Pawtuxet Park or to the parking lot without written consent from the City of Warwick Department of Parks and Recreation.

Can I reserve or block off the parking lot?

No; This is a City of Warwick municipal parking lot. We cannot guarantee lot space, but the lot can accommodate approximately 30 cars. Access to the boat ramp to the right of the Boat House cannot be blocked or hindered at any time.

Can I reserve Pawtuxet Park and/or the gazebo?

Pawtuxet Park and the gazebo are both owned by the City of Warwick and maintained by the Department of Parks and Recreation. Use of these spaces is managed by the City of Warwick Department of Parks and Recreation, reached by phone at (401) 738-2019 or by e-mail at

General Acknowledgement

Is there anything else I should know?

As owner of the Aspray Boat House, the City of Warwick reserves the right to force a rescheduling at any time. It is also possible that the building or grounds might not be usable due to natural disasters, vandalism, etc. The Gaspee Days Committee is not responsible for any losses or claims, material or otherwise, arising from use or failure to use the Aspray Boat House, any or all of its facilities, and surrounding properties. These rules are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the Gaspee Days Committee and/or the City of Warwick.

All other questions should be directed to