President’s Message

I am fortunate to have grown up in such a beautiful community – one with character, with history, and with a truly amazing group of people who call it home. I remember when I was little, my mother would take me to all of the Gaspee Days events and, like many other locals, Gaspee Days became a part of my life. In my teens, my mom began bringing me to committee meetings and – despite my complete lack of interest in history at the time – I grew to love everything we are about: the events, the community, and, much to my surprise, the history as well.

Now as President, I can see more clearly than ever the true significance of what we do. Gaspee Days exemplifies the pride that so many of us have in our little state and our even littler town of Pawtuxet Village. It represents the community that both built our organization into what it is today and that we hope to build even stronger through the events we host every year. Most of all, Gaspee Days represents a family that we have all grown into over the years.

Going into our 54rd celebration of Gaspee Days, we welcome new members of all ages and interests. It’s with the dedication of our volunteers that we are able to produce our events and through those events that we’re able to share our story. I am honored to represent such a lively group of people and such an important message for Rhode Island. Gaspee Days may be twice my age but its story is still young and waiting to be told. I look forward to carrying on the traditions of our celebration with a fresh outlook and an open mind for the future.

Ryan Giviens, President