Past Presidents of the Gaspee Days Committee

Each of these members presided with pride and honor over the Gaspee Days Committee at one point in time. We continue to appreciate their hard work that over the years has laid the pavement for what Gaspee Days has blossomed into today.


Jerrold Peshka (2016-2017)


Erin Flynn (2014-2015)


Carol Deming (2012-2013)


John Concannon (2010-2011)


Richard Hentz (2009)


Tina S. Bingham (2007-2008)


Elizabeth Fournier (2005-2006)


Daniel Rooney (2003-2004)


Diane Longtin (2001-2002)


Karleen Wrath (1999-2000)


Bernie Long (1998)


Patricia Peshka (1996-1997)


Scott H. Avedisian (1994-1995)


Michael McManus (1992-1993)


Jack Hutson (1990-1991)


Mark Russell (1988-1989)


David Walker (1986-1987)


Milton Wrath (1984-1985)


W. Terrance Murphy (1982-1983)


Marguerite Dube* (1980-1981)


Arthur R. Cole (1979)


Richard Beneduce (1977-1978)


James A. Collinson, Sr. (1975-1976)


Zack C. Terzian* (1973-1974)


Edward Yatsko* (1972)


Anthony Moretti* (1970-1971)


Rene O. Bellevance* (1969)


L. Hazard Knowles* (1968)


Forrest Sprague* (1966-1967)